Hi! I’m Adelle and have enjoyed the world of crafting for since late autumn of 2017. I’m still trying to master many techniques, but so far Copic markers seem to be my favorite medium.  I’m inspired by so many crafters and am constantly amazed by the talent out there. 

I’m sarcastic, love to laugh and can find humor is mostly anything. I enjoy tasteless jokes, pranks, and dares. And, that’s only at work (kidding). Speaking of work, when I’m not crafting I work in the field of User Experience for web-based enterprise software companies and have been designing in some form since the early 90s. Back then it was for print, but in the mid-to-late 90s, digitally.  My career led me to the more analytical side of design, which professionally I prefer, but it omits the artistic side of design. Crafting fills that gap and what I have found most rewarding is the smile it brings to the recipients’ faces. It’s so easy and such an organic exchange of joy. 

Oh, and I am a lover of all things that woof and have paws. Especially this 47lb. bundle of love…